Wedding Photography Budget

There is no doubt that wedding photography is expensive. When you're capturing the memories that will last you a lifetime, it's not cheap! Most professional photography packages start at $2,000 and upwards. Be sure to look at specific packages when you're picking a photographer, and make sure you're not paying for prints you don't want!

It's important, in the discussion process, to understand what each wedding photography package entails, and if the packages are able to be altered, trimmed, added to, etc, and at what cost. Also make sure you're not paying for albums or frames, which are sometimes thrown into the cost unnoticed by the bride.

Be sure you as you're budgeting your wedding photography expenses, you take things into account such as the photographers set fees for particular procedures. Many photo packages include a set amount of time and hours, and if the photographer is stuck at the wedding longer than scheduled, you may be required to pay an hourly fee.

Wedding budgeting can be a difficult thing, but we recommend brides shop around, compare prices and packages, get the best deal for their money, while still finding a photographer that they have a good relationship with, and trust. Don't be too overwhelmed - millions of brides before you have managed to find an affordable photographer whom they love, and the end result is pictures they will cherish forever.

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