Nature Photography

Nature photography is not just an art -it can truly be considered a science as well. Many nature photographers have an extended education in science, biology, and other fields concerning nature. Many nature photographers are also photographers only as a side job, or hobby, as many hold careers in science fields, or environmentalist fields.

Many nature photographers set out with the goal of promoting education by means of the photos they take. A genuine nature photographer would never risk the life of a plant or animal to get a shot, and they're often photographing such elements of nature to share with the world, and advance exposure, knowledge and research studies. In the eyes of the nature photographer, the act of photographing is allowing them to capture something in nature, without physically capturing it.

Film speed and lighting are two of the most important aspects of filming outdoors. This rings especially true when a photographer is shooting animals that are likely to be in motion. It's also important for the nature photographer to anticipate the behavior of the particular animal he or she is attempting to shoot, in order to attain a successful shot.

A lot of different equipment is often utilized in nature photographer. Tripods, large format cameras, fill flashes, macro lenses and lighting filters are all particularly helpful when doing nature photography.

While the elements and weather can also have a big impact on the outcome of a shoot, sometimes, adverse weather conditions can benefit the photographer. For example, snow provides great reflection for lighting, and aids in flash photography. Rain may bring out certain behavior in animals that is not typically caught on film. And the night sky may cause animals to emerge that normally wouldn't be seen.

The most important part of nature photography is patience. The nature photographer has to be able to sit still, wait, and be patient in getting the right shot. If the photographer is able to become part of the environment, a level of education and familiarity is sure to be apparent in the shot.

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