Maternity Photography

Maternity photography is the art of taking photographs of a woman while she is noticeable pregnancy with her child. This is an extremely beautiful, emotional, and artistic form of photography and often features artistic elements such as black and white photography and semi-nude subjects.

While the mother-to -be is searching for a maternity photographer, there are certain things she should be looking for. The photographer should have a supportive and great outlook on pregnancy, children and women in general. A photographer who does not have the right base attitude is not going to be able to take a picture that speaks to the true beauty of a pregnant woman. The photographer should also be trustworthy, and the mother is often nude or semi-nude during this shoot.

Maternity photography sessions are basically the same cost as a regular portrait session. Lighting is an important consideration for the photographer, as it is important to use the shadows to accentuate the beauty of the large belly of the subject. A pregnancy photography session should also include a contract as to who owns the original negatives once the shoot is complete.

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