Beach Photography and Travel Photography

The good news about beach and travel photography is: you're usually outdoors, which means lighting is almost always adequate. The bad news: sometimes, the sun is a very hard light source to manage, and unless you're a professional with all the fancy gadgets you need to filter the light down, you're probably going to have some pretty lit-up pictures. Don't worry though - too much light is almost always better than too little.

The best rule of travel photography is to take pictures of people - not things. If there is landmark you want to capture, place some of your friends of loved ones in front. Unless you're trying to capture a certain object for the sake of getting it alone, memories are far better captured showcasing the people you vacationed with.

Nowadays, most vacationers do not have to worry about adequately stocking their film supply for a weeks vacation. With affordable point and shoot digital cameras, as well as one-time disposable digital cameras, anyone can take a full roll of digital photographs to capture their vacation or beach adventure!

However, remember if you are using a conventional film cameras, a number of things can potentially destroy the roll if you're not careful. Water, humidity, exposure to sunlight, and fog can ruin a perfectly good roll of film. If you film roll has been used up, always store back in the dark canister, and tuck away in your luggage for safe keeping. But remember! Airport x-ray machines can erase film rolls in an instant, so take out all rolls of film, and hand them to an airport attendant before placing your luggage and carry-on's through an x-ray machine!!

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