Videography, or video photography, is the act of capturing moving images on video tapes, digital memory or other electronic devices.

Videography is typically used when it is meaningful to record an entire event, or for means of telling a specific story. Weddings are probably the most well-known “stories” for videographers, but other events such as graduations, sporting events, documentaries, and short filmmaking are all appropriate to have video photographers for.

In order to be a good videographer, you must have a good understanding of what is relevant to the story, as well as a good sense of composition. Steady hands are also important, as videographers cannot be limited to a tripod if they want to capture the most intimate and detailed moments of the event. Videographers must often have a higher sense of patience and accuracy, as the process of shooting film is more demanding than most photo shoots. Lastly, a good videographer is strong - able to hold potentially bulky cameras for extended periods of time.

Videgraphers must often have a sense a business superior to that of regular photographers. Since videographers are predominantly employed through weddings, video photographers must know how to write and submit bids, even for the smallest of jobs. Many times, videographers also have to obtain permission from property owners or city officials to shoot video. It's important for the videographer to know the fair market value for their services in respective to the type of events they photograph, and the area they live in.

If videographers want to find a avenue to work other than weddings, other events, television and cable advertising are all forms of videography that can provide a lucrative career for video photographers.

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