Landscape and Architectural Photography

Landscape and architectural photography is a style of photography that allows photographers to capture the land and buildings in the environment in which we live.

Landscape photography is a great way of capturing the natural beauty in our areas - mountains, oceans, fall foliage, gardens, lakes, beaches, trees - these are all major components of landscape photography that a good photographer will know how to featured and bring out of the beauty of.

Architectural photography is a way of showing poignant displays of architecture in buildings, bridges, and other modern architectural marvels.

These two types of photographer are similar in that they truly showcase our environmental surroundings. However, they can be considered vastly different as well, as landscape photography is more a celebration of our environment, while architectural photography is a showcasing of man-made structures.

Both genres of photography are best captured through a wide-angled lens, which allows for a broad viewing scope, and a sharp image result. Lighting, understanding shadows from the natural light, and maintaining the lines of nature and buildings are all very important aspects as well.

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