The Family Portrait

A good family photograph is a way of showing your love for your family. A professionally done family portrait offers families the opportunities to capture certain points in time in the family cycle and keep them as beautiful memories forever. Families should have their portrait done in an environment they feel comfortable in. Studio photographers are often the best choice for family portraits, as they have experience shooting families, and truly know how to place people so to accentuate the positive in each person, and adding to the whole family dynamic. You may feel the need to interview several portrait photographers prior to booking an actual appointment, so that you're sure you feel 100% comfortable with the person who will take the picture of your family.

When interviewing the family portrait photographer, find out what their preferred style of shooting is. Is this style compatible with what you had in mind for your photos? Be sure to thoroughly examine the photographers portfolio. Get a feel for what his or her strong points are. Make sure you've clearly expressed what your own expectations are for this picture, and make sure the photographer is capable of and willing to meet those expectations. Make sure you're provided with a list of credentials of the photographer, and understand how long he or she has been shooting. Finally, ask for references, and check on them.

Once you've decided on a photographer, you may decide you want to do your family portrait in a setting other than a studio. Discuss possible locations with your photographer, and make sure you know whether he or she is shooting conventionally, or digitally. Make sure turn around time for prints is discussed beforehand, and also ask the photographer what he or she recommends for clothing choice.

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