Resources for Photographers

Photographers have a huge variety of resources available to them. From local art schools, to photography studios, to online resources, there are enough things available to help photographers in any sense.

The Internet is quickly becoming one of the most popular resources for amateur and professional photographers alike. Many photographers will post their own experiences on the Internet to share knowledge and experience with other experimental photographers. Many websites are informative for information regarding cameras, lenses, tripods, photo paper, photographic techniques, composition, shadowing and other important elements to good photography. A good photographer will always be browsing the Internet for new information and discussions that open a door of opportunity to learn something he or she may not have known before. However, it is important to note that not all websites are backed by photographers, and while the information could be well-intentioned, it may not be correct.

Another Internet-based resource for photographers are message boards, bulletin boards or discussion forums where professional and amateur photographers can converse with one another, share knowledge and work with one another on concepts and ideas. Nowadays, digital photography forums are especially popular, and they are a useful source for conversations about the latest technology in cameras and software.

The Internet is not the only place with a plethora of information regarding photography. Books, magazines and trade-specific articles are still a great source for information in the photographic world.

As with any hobby or profession, different types of photograhic specialties have different sources of information. There will be different forums for macro photographers, black and white photographers, and nude photographers. Additionally, international forums can open a whole new world to a photographer about techniques and practices of other professional and amateur photographers all around the world.

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