Glamour Photography

It's been said about glamour photography - that it is the same as nude photography, but with clothes on. Obvious? Yes. True? Not necessarily. Glamour photography is an artistic and personal way for women to express themselves, while exploring the “fantasy” aspect of photographing their bodies the way a cover model would.

Glamour photography began in the 1940's. It started out as erotic photography of women in negligee or bathing suits. Since then, Glamour photography has changed in it's style - but the premise remains. While glamour photographs are in no way pornographic, they are often provocative, and often photographed with the purpose of the woman sharing them only with a personal few.

The glamour photography may be commercial work, as well as private sessions. In addition to good lighting, which is used to accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative, it's important the glamour photographer is good with the digital software, so that deformities, blemishes and unsightly aspects of the objects body can be edited. It's also important for the photographer to be exceptionally good at directing the shoot. Inside every woman is a great glamour shot, but the photographer needs to know how to be able to coax that side out. He or she should be able to guide the woman into her best poses and angles, all while making her feel comfortable and at ease.

Glamour photography is especially popular in men's magazines, such as Maxim, FHM and Stuff, where the women are not photographed naked, but proactively and sexually. Glamour photography truly exists to showcase the natural beauty inside every woman.

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