Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is the act of taking an intimately themed picture in the bedroom or dressing room of a woman. Boudoir photography is a way of allowing a women to express herself in her own setting, with a professional photographer who is trained to bring out the most attractive, alluring and suggestive photographs the woman is capable of making. Boudoir photography is not meant to be perceived as pornographic. It's a sensual, intimate look at a womans private life and is not meant to be overtly sexual in any way.

The boudoir photography must be able to make the woman feel comfortable and relaxed, as a subject who feels anything but will result in an uncomfortable looking photograph. Because the woman may be semi-nude to fully nude, the photographer must be able to invoke a feeling of relaxation, beauty and sensuality.

In addition to a comfortable working relationship, it's important for the woman seeking a boudoir photographer to look for someone experienced with all different kinds of lighting, someone who is organized and ready for on-location shoots, and preferrably, someone who shoots digitally, so the woman can identify her favorite shot right there on site.

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