Choosing A Wedding Photographer

With so much planning in other departments, choosing a photographer might seem like yet another task to be completed. But this particular decision should be thought-through and discussed at length. After all, your wedding photographer is the one solely in charge of capturing every moment and memory to last lifetimes. Brides should not just be looking at examples of his work, but credentials and the overall connection and relationship with the couple - and perhaps the couples families.

An important thing to realize is that the photographers who are in highest demand are usually the best. So, choosing a photographer for your wedding should be done early on in the process to guarantee you're getting the best - and getting a guarantee that this will be your photographer on your wedding day. Even if your wedding is more than a year away, that's not too early to reserve him or her, as the best photographers are called months, sometimes years ahead of time.

Looking at friends and families wedding albums is another way to gauge what kind of photographer is right for you. You may take a liking to a specific photographic style or presentation that some photographers simply don't do - in which case, you've already narrowed down your field of choices. Looking at others albums is also a good way to make decisions in the process with feeling pressured or feeling as though you need to make a decision immediately. Many photographers will advertise in national and regional bridal magazines, showcasing a particular image that they do best. If you're looking for a photographer who is top-notch in journalistic style photography, don't choose one based on an ad showing contrived poses. Chances are, that photographer is better at the traditional style than an artsy or journalistic style.

The interview process of your wedding photographer is a very important part of your wedding planning. This is when you should ask to see examples that best represent the kind of work he does, examples from his most recent wedding. Always ask for the credentials of the photographer - what training do they have, do they belong to any photography associations. And ask some personal questions to get a feel for the photographers personality: How long have you been shooting? What's the most memorable wedding you've ever photographed? These are all totally professional, yet personal questions that will give you the answers you want to know, as well as allowing you to familiarize yourself and get to know the photographer on a more personal level.

Above all, make sure you're totally happy with the style of photographer your professional shoots in. If you have even the slightest uneasiness or feeling of disappointment, find another photographer. Check to see if his portfolio is well balanced. Look at the faces of the subjects of each picture: is the photographer catching them candidly? Does he also have a fair balance of each one of your attendants looking beautiful? Are the photos done creatively, but attractively? Are the prints clear, colors deep, shadows appropriate, and details crisp?

If you're using a studio for any of your wedding shots, ask the photographer to see his studio facilities. If you're using a different photography studio for this portion, make sure you're getting most of the same information in the interview process from this photographer, as you are from the photographer attending your ceremony.

And always ALWAYS remember that blindly agreeing to a photographer is nothing but a recipe for disaster. No matter how many referrals you've gotten, examples you've seen online, or wedding they've done, if your personalities don't click, it wasn't meant to be - and the bride could wind up very disappointed.

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