Music Photography

Music photographers often find their job fun and rewarding. Again, music photography has it's roots in photojournalism, but with the influx of publications, television channels, books, and other channels, many photographers can make a lucratuive living on dedicating their time solely to music photography.

While some music photographers are employed by publications, like Rolling Stone magazine, many are freelance, and sell their images of concerts, recording sessions, and appearances after they've been shot and developed.

Because of the ever-growing interest in celebrity life, music photography as a genre has soared, and more and more publications are dedicated to the life and times of the rich and famous. The photographers that have an opportunity to travel with these famous musicians often live a life of travel, glamour and excitement.

Some highly specialized music photographers are even hired by a band or musician for exclusive rights to capturing their events on film. The same photographer may be recruited for doing album covers, magazine spreads, and other promotional photography that may be needed.

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