Engagement Photography

A newly engaged couple is usually happy as can be, and want to find a way to capture that happiness for families, friends...and the newspaper! Engagement photography is growing more and more popular with each proposal, and is a nice way to have a more casual, but professional set of photos for the young couple.

Many couples choose to have their wedding photographer also do engagement photos. It's a great way of getting to know your photographer, and learning how to work with one another.

The setting of an engagement photo can vary. One idea is to take the picture so that it reflects the personality and likes of the couple. Some engaged couples choose to have their photos taken in a place they first met, where they got engaged, or where they feel most comfortable together.

Engaged couples can also do their photo in a studio, with a plain background, as a portrait style photograph. This type of engagement photos accentuate the couples faces, the happiness in their eyes - and often, the beautiful ring on the bride-to-be's finger!

As a setup for an engagement photo, the couple should dress comfortably, and most often, casually, as their next set of professional photos are more likely to be far more formal. Remember, the goal of an engagement photo is to show the couple as comfortable and relaxed. Clothing that looks formal or constricting will take away from the purpose and the emotion of the photograph.

Many couples opt for black and white engagement photos - and these look especially good in the silver or platinum frames they no doubt will get or have already gotten upon the announcement of their engagement.

Overall, remember that the goal of an engagement picture is to show off how happy you are, so no matter what location, style of dress or type of photograph you opt for, your faces are going to be the center of the photo. Keep jewelry and makeup natural, and show your photographer your most genuine and sincere smiles and looks - the same ones you had during the proposal!

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