Commercial Photography

Commercial photographers capture images of products and or services for a company whose intent is to market those products and services for financial revenue. A commercial photographer will be prepared to work in all settings: studios, location shoots, indoors and outdoors.

A commercial photography may choose to work with a conventional film camera, or a digital camera, based on the product or service they're trying to capture. Now, most commercial photographers prefer to work on digital equipment so they're able to show their client almost immediately what kind of shot they've taken, so they know whether to try more, or if they've captured the product effectively.

As a commercial photographer already knows, lighting is one of the most crucial elements to a commercial photography shoot. If a shoot is being taken in an office, the photographer must be aware of fluorescent lighting that is often prevalent in most office settings. A product must be well lit, cast the right shadows, and convey the right message for a marketing or advertising director to be pleased with it.

While most commercial photographers are independent contractors, some will work as freelance, taking pictures of a particular product or service, and then trying to sell to a company. The most important thing one can do when attempting to delve into commercial photography is to have a phenomenal portfolio showcasing other commercial work. A marketing director who sees shots of a competitors product may be immediately interested in a photographer, knowing he or she already understands how to take a good picture of that particular product.

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